Green Way Company for Exporting Agricultural Products
An Egyptian shareholding company established in 2007

Authorized Capital of 495 million Egyptian pounds and issued Capital of 49.5 million Egyptian pounds completely paid by partners and incorporators.

The company owns farms at Cairo Alexandria Desert Road. It is a high productive company with distinctive quality products which represent a considerable amount of exported quantity that comply the highest level of standards quality.

The company exports most of the Egyptian Products such as oranges, pomegranates, onions and grapes. In addition, it satisfies customer’s needs of other types such as colored pepper and dry beans.

The company buys some of the exported Products (fruits – vegetables) from other farms. It selects the farms whose products are analytically proven to be free of insecticides. Thus, it inspects such farms continuously in order to make sure that no insecticides are in use.

Green way starts immediately once established in 2007 to be active in exporting to Arabic countries (Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates) and Europe countries (England – Romania) and East Asia countries (China- Singapore – Hong Kong) as well as the main market of Egyptian citrus and it’s the Russia market.

The company exports is characterized by the highest level of standards quality and special packing also our company guaranty access of all products at the highest perfect status.


The Chairman

Graduated from university in 1974, he joined El wady Export Company for Agricultural Products which used to own 11 Packing house for citrus fruit preparation in addition to onion, garlic and linen stations. It was a leading company in exporting Egyptian products. He was among the founders of this industry in Egypt who laid the technical, financial and administrative foundations followed by all the companies which were later established after the Private sector permitted this industry. He firstly worked as an accountant then, he become the head of financial and administration sector for the next thirty years which he gained technical, financial and administrative experience which was a strong foundation for establishing his own company ( Green Way Company for Exporting Agricultural Products).